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Antarctica: Visit Now Before It’s Gone

Antarctica: Visit Now Before It’s Gone

Our world is interconnected. Pollution in the North equals climate change in the South and population shifts in the East affect the environment of the West. And throughout it all, the White Continent evolves. Greenhouse gases are choking the planet and it’s getting worse. Pollution and the impact of humanity is taking a toll in the more populated regions of the earth, but astonishingly the negative consequence could be most profoundly felt at the ends of the world.

The changes documented in Antarctica’s simple ecosystem foreshadow the effects of climate change on the more complex and complicated global bionetwork. Antarctica is the messenger and the message is loud and clear.

Over the last 50 years scientists from over 30 countries have studied the continent and its’ eco system. This has been a period of warming and melting, of stress on the flora and fauna and of unprecedented depletion of the ozone. Antarctica is getting warmer, species are under threat, the ice shelf is melting faster than most scientists could predict, and the sea level is rising.  And this matters to us all because Antarctica is the planet’s early warning system. The changes evident here will ripple across the planet.

And so in December 2010 we put together a crew from Canada, the US and South Africa and set out to the White Continent to film climate change first hand. We wanted to see if there was tangible evidence of the impact of global warming. We had heard that the worse-case scenarios were coming true. What we found was a world of beauty and tranquility, of indescribable subtly. But we also found an entire biosphere under threat and a significant part of the earth undergoing massive changes.

These are difficult times for the environment but we left feeling hopeful and optimistic. We were impressed by the professionalism of the scientists studying these changes and the commitment they had to righting the wrongs. Time will tell.

You can learn more and experience the haunting beauty of Antarctica on our Special The White Continent.

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