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The Journey is the Message

The Journey is the Message

The travel is about the journey and our TV series Karma Trekkers has inspired many people from around the world to embark on their own journey. Here is one fan’s tale.

It is astounding how you can cross man made border lines and still see a physical change in the landscape, it´s almost as if the earth is in acquiescence. The realms in which we all comfortably belong will change as we pass through the invisible barriers in space that divide giants. The monstrous historical tales of nationalities and how in one way or another we all interconnect become apparent as we dive deeper into foreign territory. We recognize what we see and we can relate to it, but it still leaves an odd taste when mixed with the food you are used to digesting. In essence humanity as a whole can all be taught and raised the same but it is the earth that decides what language we speak and what culture we are meant to adhere to.

When we travel, we grow and feel and learn and for that reason there is simply no better way to learn about yourself and thus become who you naturally are. When you become an adult in most cases you are on your own. You no longer have someone to teach and lecture you in the ways of the world. What you do learn on your own however is that you have a new teacher – Life.

In my eyes these elements are one in the same whether it is Life, Earth or Nature herself. It is there, you can feel it when you close your eyes and ask a question. It is there to punish you severely when you make a mistake but it is also there to embrace you when you begin to understand. It offers you those special moments of clarity when it just all makes sense but these moments are short lived because just when you think you know what it is all about the lesson changes and you are faced with the reality that you do in fact know nothing at all. It´s elusive! What you begin to understand however is that no matter how much you may excel at your chosen path, you need to have at least a basic understanding in all others to achieve any form of enlightenment. Unless you of course you don’t want to be changed. If you resist the lessons you can remain as is because it is true, ignorance is bliss.

The Earth is like a textbook on anything and everything you want to know. Each country is a chapter, each state is a topic and each letter is a creature (I say creature because I much prefer animals to humans, we are all one in the same). You can analyse and experience every part of it and that is how you learn. If you stay in one place you will never reach your potential, you will never be as great or as wise as you can be. You need to get out there and touch it, you need to feel and breathe it because when you are there and it reaches across the chasm that lies in front of all of us, grabs your shoulder and gently shares its existence with you; you feel blessed.

Antony J. Hayes is a British/South African freelance journalist who currently resides in Norway.  Antony believes there is no better way to find fuel for writing than traveling. His definition of life is similar to that of experience, and when he experiences life, he likes to write about it and share his perspective with the world.


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