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Miami 2.0 – Art is Business and Business is a Unique Art

Miami 2.0 – Art is Business and Business is a Unique Art

From our business travel TV series Going Global, here’s a great overview on the revitalizing of Miami and how this tropical but cosmopolitan city has learned to blend commerce and culture to create an economic renaissance.

Business is booming in South Florida and specifically Miami Dade County. With two of the busiest ports in the U.S. (The Port of Miami and the Miami International Airport), and enviable access and relationships with South America, this is a region ripe for growth in changing economic times. Known as the Cargo Gateway to the Americas, as of 2011 the Port of Miami has an economic impact on the region of 18 billion dollars annually and the Airport boasts nearly 27 billion. As the Panama Canal is widened and South American countries continue to economically flourish, Miami has smartly positioned itself as a supportive partner in these developments, investing billions into its own infrastructure and logistics in anticipation of the projected economic growth.

Further to this, leaders and decision makers in Miami have keenly recognized the value of the unique tropical-cosmopolitan culture and vibe in the city and continually strive to improve and maximize the derivative impacts of these assets. Art is business in Miami and business is a unique art. Revitalization of neighborhoods with a unique focus on local artists and talents has attracted artists, architects, designers and other creatives from around the world to Miami.

The result of all of this is a vital, sexy and artistically relevant city with the logistics and infrastructure in place to do business with not just the Americas but the world. Miami is also home to some of the best restaurants, hotels and entertainment in the world.  So, when you come to Miami, bring a colorful wardrobe and an open mind, but also do your homework! For while Miamians do have a laid-back South American attitude and a friendly flair, it’s important to remember that downtown Miami is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, and business has succeeded here for a reason.

The people of Miami are diverse and welcoming, as eager to do business over a great patio-meal as in a corporate environment. Business in Miami is forged on openness, taking the time to create trust and relationships as well as smart economic strategizing.

It is also of critical importance that you love mojitos. Enjoy!

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