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Tasting Taiwan

Tasting Taiwan

TV shoots are always planned several months in advance since there are so many logistic and creative elements to coordinate. OK we have set shoots up in a just few days, but normally we like to take our time to properly research, plan and coordinate our productions. This lets our team get briefed, gives us time to set up the best content and lobby for proprietary access to people and places.  It also let’s our crew get excited about upcoming adventures. And since our team has many foodies in our group, they are particularly excited about an upcoming Wine Portfolio shoot in Taiwan.

We’ve had the pleasure of filming Taiwan for previous projects and we always come away stuffed. As our DP says, “Taiwan has the best Chinese food in the world.”  I believe our Producer summed it up most succinctly, “Taipei… Yum!” So needless to say we’re excited about eating our way across the island. We can’t wait to Taiwan On – get it? OK that was bad.

But foodies have long regarding Taiwan as being one of the world’s great food destinations, and here’s why. The island’s varied cuisine reflects the influences of China, Japan and world flavors, while the restaurant scene, especially in the capital Taipei, has been steadily gaining notoriety for its diversity, quality of service and exotic offerings. From hearty Chinese eateries to subtle Japanese restaurants; from classic French bistros to inventive Mediterranean Café’s, Taipei’s culinary scene is alive with innovative ideas and luxurious presentations. Service is definitely always in style.

Taiwan was known by the Portuguese as Ilha Formosa which meant beautiful island. The original European settlers immediately recognized Taiwan’s verdant beauty and rich bountiful seas. Today this helps to define the luxury restaurant scene on the island. Fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables combine with some of the world’s best seafood to give Chefs a treasure trove of raw ingredients and the results are spectacular. Seriously check out how many amazing dishes are uploaded to the social media site Instragram everyday from across the island

In addition to the amateur foodies, Taiwan’s burgeoning epicurean scene gets a major boost from the I See Taiwan Foundation (, which is dedicated to being Taiwan’s window to the world by promoting Taiwan’s unique cultural touchstones to international travelers. Food is an important aspect of culture and the I See Taiwan Foundation is dedicated to promoting more tourism and enhancing the professionalism and scope of the island’s offerings. “This is how seriously the Taiwanese people take food. Food is an essential lifestyle.  We love it and are justifiably proud of our culinary traditions” says Jessica Huang, the Chief Executive Director of  I See Taiwan Foundation. “Taiwan is a very competitive market and we have smart and innovative luxury restaurants that impress travelers with taste, service, décor and of course, style. Hence, make sure you spend a few nights out to indulge your senses” Huang says.

And we sure will. Our team is looking forward to exploring Taipei’s bustling restaurants and sampling the latest twists on traditional Chinese dishes, tasting the hottest new Asian Fusion menus and indulging in world class Continental cuisine. Our shoots will feature evenings of fashion, the finest wines, mouthwatering cuisine and being pampered with first class service. Taiwan’s restaurateurs have panache and a sense of style that has inspired foodies’ dreams. This is definitely a food lover’s paradise and one we look forward to sharing with our audience.

So what are your fav restaurants and must-try dishes in Taiwan?

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