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This Could be Anywhere, This Could Be Everywhere: Or Why Food Is Universal

This Could be Anywhere, This Could Be Everywhere: Or Why Food Is Universal

I was sitting in the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo having a meeting with three very high profile Japanese media executives when suddenly the convivial atmosphere of endless quantities of sashimi and too much sake turned dark. One of my hosts, apparently feeling the effects of the sake or a certain comfort level with me, interrupted our polite conversation with a terse, straight forward question that caught my other hosts off guard. “What makes you think that a Canadian can tell stories about food or travel that a Japanese person would care about?”

Now far from viewing this as breach of etiquette, I enjoyed the uncharacteristically direct approach. My answer, which has evolved over years of producing television programs across the world for the world, was short and to the point. “It has nothing to do with being Canadian or Japanese, but rather, the key is to be aware and plugged in to what is happening everywhere and anywhere.” And that’s the subject of this blog; the unique opportunity we have to bring a global love of food to a hungry world (pardon the pun).

RMI’s international footprint provides us with an unusual capability to reach far and wide to connect with high net worth viewers in Tokyo and Toronto, as well as Boston and Brussels. Our audience pays little heed to the usual limitations of life – you know those pesky notions of time and space. They understand that good ideas, hot Chefs and brilliant food experiences can transcend geography, language and borders. A love of everything epicurean is truly a global pursuit and therefore so is our show. And that is why we’ve consciously made an effort to film in over 100 countries around the world.

As we roll out a new food show all about food lovers we’ve made a commitment to portray people, places and passions that are innovative, compelling and fascinating. We’re also determined to be agnostic internationalists who find great content across the globe, not just in the usual foodie or cultural centers. Yes we’ve shot in New York, of course we’re going to London and we’ll undoubtedly film again in Hong Kong and Dubai, but we’ll also bring you captivating stories from more far flung places that are frankly not only as interesting as the usual world cities, but in some ways more appealing.We want Chefs to show you their love of food and to explain their passion in their own words.

To use a financial reference, these are small cap destinations in a large cap marketplace. However they’re also places that hit above their weight, that out of necessity are a little more nimble and quick, and they are places where the food culture is still exciting. These are the cities and countries that attract dreamers and doers, and that makes great television.

Inspirational experiences and intrepid foodies are a global phenomenon and therefore you’ll see some pretty esoteric destinations. Great food can be found anywhere and great Chefs can be found everywhere, you just have to know how to spot them and so our goal is to bring you food lover’s stories in their own words.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a great ride.



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