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The New Media Frontier: Streaming in China

The New Media Frontier: Streaming in China

By now everyone in media should know how important China is to the industry and how this nation of 1.36 billion people is resetting the rules for Hollywood, Bollywood and all points in between. So whether you’re a content creation company in Tianjin or Toronto you’d better stand up and take notice. You can’t afford to miss this wave.

According to numbers from iResearch from mid-2013, China’s 450 million online video viewers watched an amazing 5.7 billion hours of videos every month, and this number will grow to an estimated 700 million viewers by 2016. It’s important for sites to have quality content to bring in the kind of viewers that advertisers want to reach which is creating a huge opportunity for savvy producers.  But savvy is the operative word here.

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China’s top web companies in streaming content such as CNTV, Youku, LeTV, Baidu, and Tencent are battling to secure the rights to TV series and movies from Hong Kong, South Korea, the US, Canada and the UK. They’re also looking to rapidly expand their original content. This has the dual benefit of creating a more definable brand for the streaming companies while also keeping them one step ahead of the government which wants to limit the amount of foreign-purchased shows broadcast in China. This means that the opportunity lies in knowing how to co-produce, collaborate and conjoin with Chinese media giants.

For smart Western producers a good business plan along with the right investment in relationships and people will create boundless opportunities. So just how large is the market?  Check out this handy Infographic.


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