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It’s a Wrap… For Now

It’s a Wrap… For Now

What happens when you bring a 40 person Chinese TV Crew along with 5 high school students to London, Ontario?  You have a cross cultural learning experience which will change people’s lives in both China and Canada. Oh and London may never be the same again!

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CCTV2’s hit TV Series We Are Young produced by LIC China is in it’s second season. The Reality TV series swaps Chinese students with counterparts in the West for an intensive two week exchange. The Chinese students get to live in host families’ homes, attend school and enjoy the local culture before bringing their new friends back to China for a similar experience. And it’s all captured in real time; the laughs, the tears, the drama. We Are Young is a TV series which proves that despite geographical, cultural and linguistic differences we all have common hopes and dreams.

The first season of the series swapped students from Australia with students from China, while this year five kids from the high school affiliated with Shandong University were paired up with 5 proud Spartans from Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in London, Ontario. Throughout the intense schedule the city of London was the perfect host. To support the large Chinese contingent a small army of local Translators, Location Assistants, Drivers, Guides and more pulled off a complex logistical and cultural feat. This is how great TV is made; it takes patience, perspiration and a lot of persistence.

Recently the London portion of the show wrapped with a gala celebration

Recently the London portion of the show wrapped with a gala celebration