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We’re Not the Only Ones Excited About the Asian Food Scene

We’re Not the Only Ones Excited About the Asian Food Scene

French tire company and author of the most acclaimed and coveted global restaurant food ranking system, Michelin has recently announced 3 new guides focusing on Asia, Singapore, Seoul and now Shanghai. Having a city rated by Michelin is recognition that the regions culinary scene has indeed reached world-class proportions.

The Michelin Guide Shanghai 2017 guidebook will be launched by autumn this year, marking out the guide’s first-ever selection of the best restaurants and hotels in China.

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“The city is an economic and cultural crossroad, and its gastronomy is the result of a strong culinary heritage which makes the dining scene very exciting,” Michelin Guides’ international director Michael Ellis said in an official statement.  The company clearly knows their market as they also released a condensed news piece on the Michelin Guide’s official WeChat platform. For those of you who aren’t familiar with WeChat, it is a national obsession in China. The chat messaging platform has over 700 million active users and counting.

shanghai“Shanghai’s culinary scene ranges from popular to fine dining restaurants, and we are eager to discover the high quality of Shanghai’s gastronomy and starting the selection,” Mr Ellis added.

Shanghai will be the sixth Asian territory to be rated by the hallowed dining guide, after Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Seoul. The selections of restaurants in the guide are done by the Michelin Guide’s famously anonymous inspectors. They are trained to meticulously apply the same time-tested judging criteria used by Michelin inspectors globally for close to a century.