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Resource Media, 3 Chefs 1 City

3 Chefs, 1 City is a sexy and stylish television invitation to the global food revolution.

Each episode showcases one of the world’s greatest foodie destinations such as Hong Kong, Paris, Cape Town, New York or Rome. These are cities that are known for their culinary scene and are filled with innovative Chefs and world class restaurants.

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Season 1 & 2 – 26 x 30 mins.

Every episode focuses on 1 city and 3 Chefs who take the viewer on a personal tour to showcase their kitchen skills, restaurant, the city’s culinary scene and their own passion for food and wine.

3 Chefs, 1 City offers the viewer a curated look into the passion and the personality of 3 diverse culinary leaders, whether they’re already famous, up and coming, or simply the most notorious Chefs in the business.

It’s rare access and an insider’s view of food culture as lived by the industry’s leaders.

3 Chefs, 1 City is a platform to bring food love to the world on global broadcasters as well as with influential social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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