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28 x 60 mins HD & 3 x 30 mins HD

Let’s Shop is a global adventure in taste, style and exploration.

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Hosted by the charming and elegant Cheryll Gillespie, Let’s Shop is a whirlwind tour of the most exclusive, exciting and famous shopping destinations the world has to offer.

For Cheryll shopping is a passion and an art form. For the viewer shopping becomes educational, inspirational and always highly entertaining. Shot on six continents, Let’s Shop is the world’s guide to the art of browsing and buying.

Cheryll Gillespie
Host – Cheryll Gillespie

Cheryll Gillespie is a true renaissance woman with a penchant for perfection and a passion for adventure. She is famous for her creative verve and magnetic approach to shopping, food, fashion and art.

Cheryll’s keen eye for detail and sense of style has created a successful career in design and media. Today Cheryll writes for over 290 publications about fashion and interior design, while her nationally syndicated radio show and frequent speaking engagements make her a high profile authority on shopping and style.

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Season 3

Riveara Nayarut

LS 305 – Riviera Nayarit
Cheryll and Sam visit Mexico’s Pacific playground for the rich and famous where they indulge in luxury hotel and spa experiences, explore local art and culture and perfect the art of traveling in first class style.


LS 304 – Istanbul 2.0
Cheryll has long loved the culture and commerce of Turkey and so on this trip she brings her adult daughter and fellow Interior Designer Samantha Shakura with her for a whirlwind tour of Turkey’s hottest home furnishing and high fashion designers.

Fort Lauderdale

LS 303 – Fort Lauderdale
Cheryll goes coastal, and heads to Fort Lauderdale, the glistening gem of South Florida and enjoys sophisticated getaway renowned for restaurants, calming spas, mega yachts and of course great stores and designers.

Hong Kong

LS 302 – Hong Kong
Cheryll chooses shopping over sleep as she takes on mythical Hong Kong, a shopper’s paradise. Here she meets the social elite who guide her on a private non-stop VIP shopping dream of food, fashion and fun.


LS 301 – Taipei
Cheryll heads east to the Taiwan capital of Taipei where she indulges in Chinese art and architecture, enjoys street markets and haute couture with Taiwan’s hottest Fashionistas and even has the time to spend a few relaxing nights in the bucolic countryside.

Season 2

best of the world

LS 213 – The Best of the World
Cheryll takes a trip down memory lane and looks back on some of her favorite destinations and some of the most memorable moments on a very special edition of Let’s Shop.


LS 212 – Beijing
Cheryll takes another trip to China to visit the majestic capital city of Beijing. Join Cheryl as she discovers the country’s rich history at some of China’s most unforgettable sites while stopping by to search for the best shopping.


LS 211- Tahiti
Cheryll experiences paradise when she travels to the French Polynesian islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora. Take a stroll with Cheryll down the white sandy beaches in search of the worlds finest vanilla beans, unique crafts and black pearls.

Baltic States

LS 210- Baltic States 2
Cheryll continues her travels to the Baltic States with visits to Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania. Join Cheryll as she wanders the streets of Riga and experiences the timeless beauty of Art Nouveau architecture.

Baltic States

LS 209- Baltic States 1
Cheryll flies to the medieval yet modern, Baltic States. Traveling to Tallinn, Estonia first, join Cheryll as she walks through the cobbled streets of Old Town to find beautiful craftwork and wonderful art and artisans.


LS 208- Copenhagen
Cheryll finds out why this majestic city is called wonderful Copenhagen. Join Cheryll as she marches through Amalienborg Palace, takes a ride in the magical Tivoli Gardens and checks out the amazing shopping on the famous Strøget street.


LS 207- Caribbean
Cheryll boards a cruise ship and sets sail on the beautiful Caribbean waters to visit the ports of Labadee, Ocho Rios, George Town, Cozumel and see what incredible shopping each tropical paradise has to offer.


LS 206- Boston
Cheryll travels to the city of Boston, U.S.A. and enjoys the balance of 19th century charm and modern big city vibrancy.


LS 205- Provincetown
Cheryll travels to the very tip of Cape Cod and is captivated by Provincetown. See why Cheryll considers Provincetown to be a very special place in terms of its hospitality, diversity, culture and of course shopping.


LS 204- Toronto
Cheryll heads north to the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, Canada where she experiences gourmet pastries, VIP shopping, browsing for art and a taste for the local brewery. Of course, a visit to Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame.


LS 203 – Vancouver/Kelowna
Cheryll heads out west to the picturesque city of Vancouver, Canada; a combination of big city lifestyle and outdoor recreation. Join Cheryll as she experiences the relaxing lifestyle of Vancouver before taking a side trip to beautiful Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley.


LS 202 – Mumbai
Cheryll travels to the enchanting city of Mumbai, India in search of some of the worlds most unique shopping. Wander through the sprawling city with Cheryll as she hunts for wonderful art and artisans, tries on a sari or two and experiences the magical Elephanta Caves.

Buenos Ares

LS 201 – Buenos Aires
Cheryll sets off to the seductive city of Buenos Aires, a beautiful European-style city in the heart of Latin America. Take a stroll with Cheryll as she wanders through the cobbled stone streets searching for unique and local shopping; stopping for a chance to experience the Tango.

Season 1

Gulf States

LS 113 – Gulf States
Cheryll embarks on an adventure to find shopping gems in the Gulf States of Oman and Qatar. Join Cheryll as she experiences the fantastic Arab hospitality, finds exotic jewelry and the most expensive perfume in the world.


LS 112 – Morocco
Cheryll is transported to the enchanted Marrakech; the pearl of South Morocco. Join Cheryll as she bargains with vendors in the Medina, the souk of Marrakech and travel with her to the gateway of Africa, the port town of Essaouira where she checks out the local arts and artisans.


LS 111 – Nice
Cheryll heads out to the French Riviera and visits Nice during their famous Carnival Festival. Join Cheryll as she creates a perfume at France’s oldest perfume house, and shops at the most unique and interesting locations that Nice has to offer.


LS 110 – Tokyo
Cheryll arrives in the land of the rising sun and tours modern and ancient Tokyo. Explore with Cheryll the fast paced, energetic districts of Tokyo for way out fashions, the latest electronics, luxurious home décor items, traditional art and freshly caught tuna (sushi grade of course).

Cape Town

LS 109 – Cape Town
Cheryll heads to the Dark Continent to immerse herself in the mix of many cultures and beauty that is South Africa while discovering indigenous arts, high-end home furnishings, and unique fashions.


LS 108 – Montreal
Cheryll heads north to this picturesque city in Canada where she enjoys the French culture, Montreal jazz, European style cuisine, and chic fashions of this shopper’s paradise.

Abu Dhabi

LS 107 – Abu Dhabi
Discover with Cheryll the oasis paradise of Abu Dhabi. From unique outdoor souks to designer boutiques, Cheryll checks out all the shopping hot spots and takes a turn off the beaten path to do some off road dune bashing and sand surfing.


LS 106 – Istanbul
Travel with Cheryll as she visits the mystical city of Istanbul. Linking Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a place of magic and captivation. Join Cheryll as she puts her bargaining skills to the test at the famous Grand Bazaar, discovers the ancient art of carpet making and indulges in the many wonders of Istanbul.


LS 105 – Singapore
Cheryll jet sets to Singapore, where she shops for newest electronic gadgets, unique fashions and experiences the many different cultural sights and tastes that the city has to offer.


LS 104 – Johannesburg
Cheryll travels to South Africa and visits the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa; Johannesburg. Join Cheryll as she discovers new fashion trends and gets a visit from Miss South Africa.


LS 103 – Rio
Cheryll experiences the joy and excitement of Rio while discovering local fashion designers and shopping for coffee, music and jewels with legend Hans Stern, she even buys a bikini or two.


LS 102 – Shanghai
Cheryll steps into the future in this ultra-modern Chinese city where she shops for everything from silk and bespoke fashions to antiques, home furnishings and traditional teas.


LS 101 – Bangkok
Cheryll experiences the sights and sounds of Bangkok while shopping for gold, jewelry and traditional Thai handicrafts.

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