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One of the world’s most renowned travel TV series is back with a new Host Elissa Lansdell.

After launching on CNBC World and building a worldwide audience, Going Global has moved to Prime Video in the US, UK and Germany, as well as the Access Luxury Channel on Roku which is available in North America, Latin America and much of Europe.

Promo Video

Ongoing 30 mins HD (Season 3 In Production)

Going Global is the TV series for savvy world travelers. Host Elissa Lansdell takes the viewer on an Insider’s journey to the most exotic and exciting destinations around the globe to experience the people and passions which define the best the world has to offer.

The series is anchored by an influential website and thought leading social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Going Global is available from Prime Video:

US Store

UK Store

German Store

And on the free Access Luxury channel on Roku:

Roku Channel Store

Life is a Journey, Travel Well

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