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6 x 30 mins HD

What The Future or WTF is one man’s search for the people shaping our future- People doing incredible things in places you’d never expect.

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WTF is a 6-part series that explores the world of tomorrow from a grass roots, street level perspective. The series follows the adventurous and engaging Warren Kimmel as he travels through Africa, The Middle East & India on a search for unique insights into the world of tomorrow.

Shot in HD, What The Future is a gorgeous and sweeping portrayal of the world as it is today and as it will be in the future. From the dusty over crowded cities of Africa to the raw and unchartered savannah, the first 6 eps of What The Future track the path of Africa..

Why WTF? Because when you look at the beauty and bounty, chaos and challenges of tomorrow all you can really say is WTF?

WTF is available on the free Access Luxury channel on Roku:

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Warren Kimmel
Host – Warren Kimmel


Warren Kimmel was born in South Africa to an Engineer father and a Musician mother. Needless to say he grew up confused about his intended career path. After schooling in Apartheid Johannesburg, he left home at 17 to attend Cape Town University where he gained an honours degree in Business Science majoring in Economics and Marketing before moving to London and attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. As an Actor his has worked in the UK, China, Malaysia, Qatar, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Greece. As an Economist he has mismanaged his own finances all over the world.

Today Warren is amazed and excited that he has finally been able to marry the two sides of his professional life – Business and performance – in this most exciting project. WTF indeed!

Season 1

EP 106 – No Pressure No Diamonds
Warren goes back to his roots as a performer to look at the incredible artistic expression engendered by the pressures of living in the modern African milieu. What he finds is that pressure makes diamonds – unique and exuberant, the local Graffiti Street art, Jo’burg Jive and the magnificent Cape Town street-beaders sparkle and shine in the African sun.

EP 105 – Africa is not for Sissies
Warren returns to his birthplace, South Africa. Beset by challenges on every side the locals are forced to take matters into their own hands. Joining a police sting operation, a ‘gumboot’ dance class and classical music in a shack. Warren becomes part of the home-grown solution.

EP 104 – Gorilla Film Making
We visit Africa’s ‘Heart of Darkness’. Warren meets the endangered Mountain Gorillas, and a local Entrepreneur explains how Rwanda is using these awesome and peaceful giants to move on from the Genocide and re-imagine their whole way of life.

EP 103 – White Men Can’t Jump
We tag along with host Warren Kimmel on his dream safari in the great East African plains. The animals are everywhere as Warren learns how eco-tourism is changing Kenya’s safari business. Among the local Masai, Warren hones his dancing and Lion-spearing skills.

EP 102 – Looking for Change
Nairobi, Kenya. Warren ‘shops till he drops’ using MPESA – the African mobile payments system that is leading the world. On his travels he stumbles upon an “oasis in the slums” and the Lord tells him to drink the ‘exquisite’ mineral water.

EP 101 – Choice Not Charity
In this episode, host Warren Kimmel arrives in Kenya to meet social entrepreneur and change agent, Jacqueline Novogratz. She introduces him to a pair of reformed killers turned businessmen; and to one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs who is using the humble toilet to create social transformation.

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