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Open the Door to Tomorrow… Today

Open the Door to Tomorrow… Today

These days it’s easy to be pessimistic about the future. Climate change, poverty, technology gone amok.But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if the future is bright.

Right now, visionaries, inventors and people who care are working on ideas that will change everything. They’ve figured out the riddle, they have The Future Code.

The Future Code is a landmark television series on Amazon Prime Video with over 130 million global subscribers. The series celebrates people and their passions, creativity and commerce and the innovation and ideas which will define tomorrow.

Each episode of The Future Code looks at disruptive technologies, as well as new models and leading companies which are revolutionizing industries, changing the workplace and rewriting the future. These are inspirational stories of entrepreneurs and businesses big and small, famous names and upstarts, all coming together to show how and why they’re helping to shape the world.

The Future Code is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive available for free to Amazon Prime Subscribers in the US and UK and in other markets.

A series about revolutionary ideas deserves to be released in a revolutionary way so new episodes of The Future Code will drop every couple of months, allowing each previous episode to enjoy the widest audience possible. This is an innovative way to bring a very important documentary TV series to the world.

The first episode looks at The Future of Fashion which is changing at the speed of light, literally, thanks to lasers. We explore how one company, Jeanologia is bringing new technologies to make the garment industry more ethical and sustainable. We worked with Levis, The Gap, PVH  (Tommy Hilfiger)and more to bring this story to life.

Episode two is on The Future of Cities,  New Taipei City is the backdrop to showcase what tomorrow’s urban places will look like. Future episodes tackle fascinating subject like food, CSR and much more.

Stay tuned as tomorrow is getting better thanks to the people and organizations we feature, they have important stories to tell because they’ve cracked The Future Code.