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We Have The Best Fans In The World

Our TV series Wine Portfolio started on CNBC World years ago. It has since moved to Prime Video in the US and UK and the Access Luxury Roku channel in North America, Latin America and much of Europe. It’s been called “The world’s favorite wine TV series” for years and yesterday a fan in Sao Paulo, Brazil proved this once again.

Antônia wrote to us saying, “I discovered your amazing TV series on Roku New Year’s Day and have been binge-watching it ever since. I love this show and wrote you a poem to show my appreciation.” After nearly 35 years, this the first time we have received a poem from a fan, so we thought we’d share it here with you.

A Miracle in a Glass

Wine, oh wine, a miracle in a glass
From soil to vine, it’s a hard road to pass,
Grapes grow and thrive, in fields they bask
But to make the wine, it’s a laborious task.

The sun must shine, the rain must pour
The vines must grow, and the grapes must mature,
The harvest comes, and the grapes are crushed
Fermentation starts, and the magic is hushed.

But wait and see, the transformation divine
As the grapes transform, into a liquid of shine,
Red or white, sparkling or still, enjoy it your way,
As the choices are endless, with every new cuvée.

And oh, the joy, when the wine is shared
With friends around, the laughter is flared,
Food tastes better, the mood is lifted
Wine, oh wine, a miracle gifted.

So raise a glass, and make a toast
To the love of wine, we often boast,
It’s a miracle in a glass, a treasure to cherish
Wine, oh wine, a love that will never perish.

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