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The Original

Celebrity Chef Daniel Green is on a mission is to track down the origin of your favourite foods. Where did the recipe originate, who invented these iconic dishes and how can the viewer re-create these world-famous meals? Daniel Green will crisscross the globe to find The Original.

UnReal Estate

UnReal Estate is a half-hour-peak into an unreal realty; real estate without boundaries. We’ll expose the quirks and surprises behind palatial pads and eccentric properties, all seen through the eyes of our host, Elissa Lansdell. In each show she’ll have a mission tied to a quirky title that culminates in a search to find the most UnReal characteristic of the most UnReal homes.

From homes of the famous to homes defying gravity and design rules, Elissa tours addresses of every type with the Realtor associated with each property; uncovering all the fantasy features, custom quirks, and mind-boggling beauty that make these properties UnReal!

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